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Technical Intelligence


Smart installation solutions that are appreciated by installers and users

For us, detail is always paramount
Equally simple and innovative fixing systems and functionsmake fitting our WC seats incredibly easy, save time and, of course, money, and they provide more comfort.

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This flexibly adjustable eccentric hinge provides sturdy fixing for HARO WC seats to all trade standard ceramic models. Plus, it can also be adjusted to non-standard ceramic dimensions.

With this push-in fixing, the hinges are sunk into the ceramic holes. An expansion anchor allows optimum fastening of the hinge. Installation is quick and easy.

FastFix®: Attach, push in, tighten, done!
Locked joint and firm connections reduce the fixing time by about three quarters. Washers level out any unevenness. The size allows installation also if there is only very little space on the underside of the ceramic. Spacer rings from our spare parts set prevent axial play.

A hinge with TakeOff function ensures perfect hygiene. Installation is quick and simple: Fastening the seats to the hinges does not require special tools. The seats are simply slipped on and pulled off the TakeOff® hinges for perfect hygiene.

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