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SoftClose® pure

The new low-cost SoftClose® system of the HARO brand

In its unique SoftClose® automatic closing system, Hamberger Sanitary has provided the solution for more convenience in the bathroom and toilet for already ten years. A slight touch is sufficient for SoftClose® toilet seat to gently and quietly close automatically. A convenient thing you wouldn't want to miss.
The experience and expertise from this decade of permanent further development and perfection have now been incorporated into an entirely new SoftClose® system. In SoftClose® pure, the HARO brand now also offers a variant for price-conscious customers in addition to the classic SoftClose®. True to Adenauer ("one must see things so deeply that they become simple"), a SoftClose® system was developed here, which fullfils highest quality requirements in a cost-effective but not cheap way. In numerous thorough tests, SoftClose® pure is a reliable and durable system, which is also particularly easily mounted. The so-called Poka-Yoke principle makes it impossible to mix up the two cushioning units and thereby ensures a quick and easy installation. The SoftClose® pure system, which was created in cooperation with a partner from the automotive industry, thereby offers a high level of convenience at a low price, while also providing top quality and durability.



There are inventions that don't hit the headlines, but make life much more comfortable

The SoftClose automatic closure system adds a new dimension to WC comfort.
Progress does not have to be loud. On the contrary.

The SoftClose automatic closure system finally puts an end to noisy closing WC seats. Just a fingertip touch and the lid closes all by itself. Gently and silently. Almost weightless.

By the way, installing a WC seat with SoftClose automatic closure is just as simple as using it. And its reliability is beyond doubt. Why else would we offer a 10-year function warranty?




. Tested in long-term tests
. Smooth and steady running
. Fully integrated in the seat - - hard-wearing
. Silent - no risk of friction sound
. Easily removable through TakeOff hinges
. Maximum hygiene - no dirt traps
. Easy to install
. Secure fixation of all components



SoftClose stainless steel never loses its fascination

True luxury needs no spotlight

Of course it's nice if you can also show your luxury. But it's even better when it is just for you, exclusively for family and friends, like a HARO WC Seat with SoftClose automatic closure system in the stainless steel version. You can't park it somewhere, nor can you take it with you, but it still feels great to have it.

In contrast to many other models, HARO's SoftClose automatic closure system is integrated into the seat. This way nothing interrupts the beautiful lines of the design.

What makes it so fascinating?

. Pleasing design
. High-quality materials (stainless steel, Duroplast)
. Perfect function
. Gentle and silent closure
. High stability
. Integrated anti-theft device (option)

Passat SoftClose

Tube SoftClose



Same technology - different material

HARO SoftClose Standard: SoftClose plastic buffers reduce the price but not the reliability
Nobody needs to do without the comfort of a SoftClose system: HARO also offers also a plastic version for many models. This allows clearly lower prices. Perfect, e.g. for young families or singles and in rented flats.

What is best about it, however, is that there are no drawbacks regarding functionality and reliability. Long-term tests have shown that they withstand the same stress and strain as the stainless steel version.

Delphi SoftClose Standard
Mali SoftClose Standard

Korfu SoftClose Standard
Milos SoftClose Standard
HARO SoftClose Standard with stainless steel hinges C0202Y

HARO SoftClose Standard with plastic hinges C1601Y without TakeOff function


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