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Even from the beginning, traditional values have always been the basis for our innovative approach and success. It started all with the initial idea of the founder Franz Paul Hamberger, who laid the foundation of the 140-year old story of success by his small business in Rosenheim manu-facturing matches. 

The company, which was founded in 1866, is run today by the fourth and fifth generation of the family, in the person of Peter Hamberger and Dr. Peter M. Hamberger. Alongside the Sanitary Fittings division, Hamberger Industriewerke covers three further divisions: Interior Fittings, with hardwood, veneer, cork and laminate flooring and panelling, Sports Flooring and Agriculture and Forestry. Around 1300 employees achieve an annual turnover of some 200 million euros on a production site covering 250,000 m². The company exports around 30% of its products to over 50 countries all over the world.

This competence made Hamberger to be Nr. 1 in the German market for hardwood flooring and gave us the chance to transfer the achieved knowledge to other business fields. Today, Hamberger is very successful not only in the Flooring Division with hardwood, veneer, cork and laminate flooring and panelling, but also in the fields of Sanitary, Sports Flooring and the design floor Celenio, Agriculture and Forestry which are essential parts of the company.

The company history taught us the secret of success and continuity: to keep with the proven, to be open-minded towards the new and to keep pace with the time. Entrepreneurship of vision,

sometimes courage too, but always common sense were reason for all what have been added in the past, was incorporated harmoniously. The pioneering spirit of the matches manufacturer Franz Paul Hamberger was kept through generations until today.

Success doesn't come by accident

When the Hamberger family, with all its experience in the timber trade, was offered the chance to acquire a toilet seat manufacturing company in 1912, it showed a true awareness of the potential offered by promising business sectors even then. Because the production of WC seats fitted in with its product range, with its urge to expand and with the entrepreneurial spirit of the Hambergers.Success was not long in coming, and after over 100 years, Hamberger is not only the largest WC seat manufacturer producing in Germany today, but also, with its international sales activities, one of the world's market leaders too.

Milestones in the company history

1866   Founding of Hamberger Industriewerke
1912   Start of WC seat production with wooden WCs, based on the wood-processing tradition of the Hamberger group of companies
1952   Start of Duroplast toilet seat production
1995   Construction of the new sanitary fittings factory, separation of the sanitary fittings division of the company
1999   Start of Thermoplast (PP) toilet seat production
2001   Expansion of the sanitary fittings factory
2002   Extensive investments in logistics
2003   Construction and extension of the duroplast/thermoset toilet seat production in Sevlievo / Bulgaria
2004   1. Extension of the plant in Sevlievo
2007   Outsourcing of the Sanitary Division, foundation of Hamberger Sanitary GmbH
2008   2. Extension of the plant in Sevlievo
2009   Extension of Thermoset WC seat production and start of PP WC seat production in Sevlievo
    Extension of the Design, Research and Development Department
2011   Own production of our small parts
2011   Formation of the sales organization Hamberger North America Sanitary Division
2012   Formation of Hamberger Sanitary China in Kunshan

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