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Excellent Design


One design award is nice, several awards are hard work

Innovative design of a superior standard
We have never contented ourselves with setting standards for just functionality and comfort. Ever since we started producing WC seats, ergonomics and design have always been key factors. Together with the steadily increasing aesthetic level of sanitary ware, it has also been the innovative styling of our seats that has influenced contemporary bathroom design.

We are happy that we have been awarded for that again and again.
And you? You can look forward to having an "award winner" in your bathroom with one of our seats. Whether the Asian-inspired WC seat Malong or our newest model Mondena which recently received the DesignPlus award at the ISH 2007.







The double award winner Malong:
Two design awards were the reward for excellent design. The international "reddot design award" and the ISH design award.


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